About the Author


Just Add Water is a webcomic created and built by me, JosH Uitvlugt, a student of Engineering in western central Michigan.  (The name "Uitvlugt" is easily pronounceable once you realize that the U is silent).  I take an articulate, scientific view of the world around us that I hope to convey at least partially through this comic.  I am often guilty of completely over-analyzing everything, and I make sure that everyone around me is equally aware of the intricacies of their surroundings.  This tendency ranges from pleasantly informing a group of people out on a nature hike to annoyingly raging out a list of pet peeves.  There is a great deal of both wonder and stupidity in this world, and everyone should be aware of both.  I have been called a “Master of Analogies”, and if you are good (or very bad), I may find a situation in which to apply one for your enjoyment.  I drink tea, not coffee, because tea does not taste like bleach.  I am a computer gamer, but I do not and have never played MMOs. 

Please send any questions, comments, and suggestions to jju@jaw-comic.com. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.