Cast of Characters



Ben is an engineer, which means that he always has a problem to solve or a project to work on – with varying degrees of danger and safety.  He is equipped to handle almost any situation – both with his mental adaptivity and his pockets full of sometimes-useful objects.  He has been called many things in his life, but never “unprepared”.  He carries a pocket multi-tool, spare batteries, safety goggles, and several dozen paperclips, just to name a few items, and never leaves home without them.  He does not carry around all of these tools for nothing, however; he is regularly put into hazardous situations that are probably mostly his own fault.  He often acts more out of curiosity than caution and it has gotten him into trouble extremely often.  He still has all of his limbs and has never suffered any permanent brain damage, so he must be doing something right.





Charlie is extremely good with computers, and has a computer with a size that matches his skill.  He uses this computer to do all manner of nefarious and pointless things, either for fun or because he is being paid to do it.  He has created programs to do a great number of things, from generating random Garfield comics to randomly swapping the locations and filenames of every single item on a hard drive.  Many of the programs he creates are simply made because no programs existed for that purpose or the existing programs weren’t very good.  Charlie is an avid computer gamer, and has a collection of many new and classic titles.  Charlie is convinced that the zombie apocalypse is just around the corner, and keeps a baseball bat on hand near his computer just in case.  And who knows, he may be right.





Sam is a wildly intelligent scientist college student, and she may or may not be partially PURE EVIL! (hint: she is not).  She is Ben’s little sister, and the two of them are both heavily grounded in science.  She is not nearly as careless as her brother in scientific matters, and always meticulously documents her work.  Despite their procedural differences, this scientific duo are nearly inseparable, and torment each other constantly just like any loving pair of like-minded siblings.  Sam often has to help get them out of trouble that Ben’s carelessness has gotten them into, but the relationship is not entirely one-sided. 





Frank is an extremely formidable and capable man.  He was once a notable field archaeologist and adventurer, but is now the owner and superintendant of the apartment complex.  Why he chose this as his “retirement hobby” is anyone’s guess, but you certainly couldn’t ask for a more capable individual to safeguard the building.  When a childhood illness left him temporarily blind, he learned to navigate using rudimentary echolocation.  He is capable of forcing his body to ignore pain signals through sheer force of will.  He has killed, broken bones, found and lost love, and earned fortunes on all seven continents and in space.  This man certainly has a story or two to tell if you are willing to listen; just don’t mess with him.





Katie is an extremely dynamic individual.  She has a fiery temper, an active imagination, and an impressive level of clumsiness.  While she is officially majoring in History, she has a great deal of interest and knowledge in the fine arts and is known by some (although she wouldn’t admit it) to be a reasonable soprano.  While her fast tongue and overactive imagination have gotten her into trouble, they have also given her a gift for sweet-talking her way out of that trouble again.  Katie causes even more trouble by being clumsy.  She often seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and there always seems to be a solid, painful inanimate object there as well.